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The amounts of people who participate in online gambling are truly impressive, and the numbers are increasing constantly, since developments in technology and spreading of the internet are allowing new members to join in. Attractive nature of online gambling is something which was immediately recognized by both the customers and the casino owners, and websites which offers online gambling were popular from the start. However, a new method is starting to appear on the gaming scene and this phenomenon is called mobile gambling,

Mobile gambling is a method which attracts more and more customers each year, and mobilemobile_gaming_poker_casino_roulette_4 pokies are the main type of games which people play this way. As the name clearly says, mobile pokies are pokies which are available on smartphones, tables and other similar gadgets, and they usually require an application to be downloaded onto the player’s device. For those of you who are maybe not familiar with the term pokies, it comes from Australia and generally refers to slots and poker machines, or games which mimic those old-fashioned poker machines with a lever and three reels. Modern day virtual pokies are similar to those real-life ones only in that basic idea, which is based on the principle that the players makes his move and starts the spinning and that he wins if the symbols stop at a particular order, but the rest of the elements connected to the games are evolving and changing.

We can even consider ourselves lucky since we are able to participate and actively influence the evolution, because mobile pokies are clearly the next step in that process, when it comes to slots and poker machines. Mobile devices offer several very important advantages over other forms of playing, and new customers are adapting to new style of playing very easily. Mobility is of course one of the primary benefits of this new method, since players can now spin the reels while waiting for bus, or lying in a bed or in any other moment in life. There is no need to be locked to a chair and a computer all day any longer, since smartphones offer playing on the go, and with equal if not better characteristics and performances. Video and audio effects are amazing on Android and iOS devices, and they are also constantly being improved.

Mobile gambling is convenient and pleasurable, and it offers new possibilities and high quality of games. Software developers are trying to make each new app better than the previous one, and there are constant updates issued as well. Their hard work is recognized, and more and more clients are downloading applications to their phones and they are spinning reels and collecting symbols playing pokies. Mobile pokies offer standard 3-reel play, but they also come in more modern visual surroundings, with several screens, levels and 5-reel system. Also, mobile apps are often based on the principle of progressive play, for example in games like “Mega Moolah”, “Cash Splash” and others, and this means that pokies played on mobile devices offer great chances for large jackpots.


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Online poker machines have been and still are one of the main online games in which you risk real money. There is something in all of that, a thrill that comes with risking your money and that chance to hit big and get rich. Well getting rich is not the main focus of people who play online poker machines, main focus is fun and thrill I mentioned. You basic 101 online poker machine game is played in same fashion as its brick and mortar predecessors with 52 card deck. You win if you collect any winning combination. There are many strategies that are devised around online poker machines, but I will leave them for another article.

Online poker machines have big fan base in Australia, and they have their own nickname for those games-pokies. And that is the explanation behind a good the number of top online casinos made to suit Australian citizens. I will take some time and go through several online casinos that are known for good number of high quality and interesting online poker machines aka pokies.

Jackpot City is an interesting online casino that has quite stable platform and a lot of online poker machine games, and it is mainly focused on Australian gaming community. As many other online casinos they are registered on Malta, due to its laws and regulations on online gambling. Jackpot City has staggering welcome bonus of 1 600 dollars. If you are interested in this casino and over 400 games it offers, but you don’t play pokies on your PC then you can download apple or android app and play those games over your mobile phone.


Lucky Nugget Casino is specialized in online poker machines and slots, meaning that they are true pokie casino. Instead of dealing with thousands of dollars they are aiming at players who play online poker machines for fun and so their basic deposit is 20 dollars. For that minimal deposit players will get 30 dollars as a welcome to the casino. There will be some conditions that must be completed in order to withdraw that bonus money, but players that deposit 20 bucks are not looking for profit they are looking for fun. Low roller focus of Lucky Nugger Casino is seen in their maximum deposit which is 1 000 dollars, which also brings over 80 percent of bonus money on that. So, if you like laid back playing and having fun, this casino will be right choice for you.


As you can see there are online casinos that are interested in pokies only (online poker machines and online slot machines ). These casinos are good for players who are not willing to risk a lot of money and those that play for fun and not for profit. You can get some profit, of course, but don’t expect tens of thousands of dollars while playing in one of those casinos. Their wagers are small as well as their deposits. You can increase those wagers, but that is not the point behind playing pokies with small deposits.

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 Online poker is divided in online poker machines (the main subject of this article) and online peer to peer poker. This peer to peer poker is played between players only and there are no third parties that take fees from those games. Another form of peer to peer poker is poker that is played over certain casino. In those games players play against players only, but the company that owns servers gains small fee from every game. On the other hand online poker machines can be played against the house only.


   As any other game online poker machines come in two forms, free and real money poker machines. Free online poker machines can be played without any money involved, but they do not give thrill of playing with your money to win more money. Real money poker machines are based on real cash and that is their main feature and that is why people usually play this kind of online poker machines.

    Reality in the world of poker is that online poker machines don’t have same features that online poker rooms and playing against other players offer. And thus they are less famous and less played. But it would be foolish to compare those two poker games because they are different in its core. If we want to compare something we could compare online pokies and online poker machines (in Australia both of those things are called online pokies).

    As online pokies these poker machines come in different shapes and forms covering many interested subjects. They are very similar to online slot machines aka pokies because they are played against house only, and there are no players with who you can play.  For some this is bad, but some people prefer this kind of game. People can be tiring and playing against them can be too, so these games are played when you want a bit of fun without anyone to chat or play against.

  Online-Poker-Player  Online poker machines, like online pokies, bring many different forms of bonuses in the game, as well as jackpot and different wagers. There is no plain online poker machine (well there is if you search for it), all of them will be filled with different achievements and bonuses you can accept and then play to unlock them. Multipliers are also included in those games so you can play and aim for bigger winnings.

    Before you heed my advice and start playing online poker machines you should know that there is no big profit in playing them. Yes, you might get lucky and get a jackpot, but that will take a lot of time. These online machines are played for the thrill of chase and you should not get greedy, but give up once you have your money back. If you want to play poker and have chance to earn some cash then online poker rooms are better choice. If you can find one which operates without house then it is even better because there will be no fees all player must pay for playing.


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Mastering online pokies

Mastering online pokies

Posted By on Jan 31, 2016

Random playing of online pokies is fine, but if you want to play them and enjoy and on top of that never go in red with you money (I can’t promise big profits, all I am saying is that you will cover all losses you get). I can give you several methods that will place you on a good path and help you enjoy online pokies without risks of heavy losses.

Join any kind of member only groups and they might offer you some benefits in-game. They might also give you additional bonuses you can win over time. Some of them will reward you with free plays and in many cases your membership in that kind of groups will be really cheap.

2015112818242-online-pokies-300x225Find games that are to your liking. Don’t just jump from one game to another, find several that you enjoy playing and play on them. Do little searching and find out everything about that game.

Once you get tired just cash out everything and relax. Don’t risk everything in few spins just because you are tired of small wager spins.

Find your perfect wager. Many online pokies will offer big amount range in wagers, so you should find a wager that gets your adrenalin up but it doesn’t becomes big risk for your account balance.

Don’t think that you can read what the slot is going to throw. It’s like a big dice, but it has many thousand sides and there is same chance to get each and every one of them.

Second method is more aggressive:

It starts with understanding and mastering of multiplier pokies. It basically represent games in which you have a chance of winning more money with every wager you place.

Look for games that offer free lines for the same money. It comes down to wagers having more possibly winning lines in every spin.

If you see that the progressive jackpot in a game is really big try going after that. But if that jackpot is small then it is not worth the risk it represents.

Consider online pokies that offer line and bet choosing. In those games you will be able to set the desired number of lines that will be included in your spins and amount of money you will be placing for every spin. The game will then re-calculate winning for lines that are hit to match your choices.


Third method is based on management of your money:

You should know when to stop playing and abandoning the game with small wins and not getting greedy and ending up with a loss. It will sap out all the fun out of online pokies if you play it like that.

Don’t bring too much money to the game, leave most of it on your casino account. Placing limits on money that will be available to you for every gaming period is good way to avoid unnecessary losses.

Play for fun!

If you are playing for fun fall back on lowest wager that pokies offers and you will be able to play for hours.

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World of gambling is full of scammers, and online pokies are a part of online gambling. Well to be exact online pokies are great part of online gaming, and it is not strange thatrogue-casino-slots there are those who are looking for innocent souls who are easily deceived in order to scam them and take their money. I will try to picture you the world of online pokies scams, and I hope that this article will at least lower the amount of players that are tricked by those people.

 My first piece of advice will be to stay away from solitary online pokies. When I say solitary I am referring to online pokies that are not part of online casino. There are probably some genuine online pokies that can be played without access to online casinos, but it is not worth of a risk to play them. They might promise great bonuses, and conditions for those bonuses and they might promise certain profit, but you should not trust them. If you want to play an online pokies game find a reliable online casino and you will find over hundred online pokies to choose from.

In last paragraph I have mentioned reliable online casino, because there are those that are not reliable. There is quite a number of online casinos that should not be trusted. There is an array of scams you might encounter on them and I will include several of them further in the article.  Common scam you will encounter on those sites in inability to withdraw your money due to some malfunction of a pokies game you are playing. It will drag on for some time, but believe me when I say that your money is lost. After some time they will offer to transfer you money equal to that you have lost. But that money will be transferred as a bonus which means that you will have to play for a long amount of time to unlock that money. And when you do it the scam repeats and so on. Then there are casinos that will assign advisors for online pokies which will constantly call you and ask for new deposits and access to your account so they can earn some money for a small fee you will pay them.  If you accept such deal one out of two things will happen:

  • That adviser will gamble and lose all of your money
  • Or they will get access to your bank account over your casino account and deposit large amount of money to the online casino account which will then be locked with a bonus which will have extreme conditions.

     In either situation you lose money.

If you want to avoid these scams and you want to play online pokies without fear of getting scammed then you should play them through online casinos that are regulated by third party. They should also have Secure Socket Layer software which is neat little piece of encryption technology that will protect the data of your transactions.


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Online casinos are very popular among gamblers for many reasons. They offer privacy and anonymity, gambling from the comfort of your own home, and even gambling from a mobile phone. Online casinos offer the same choice of games like traditional casinos; therefore you can play online roulette, online slots, online poker machines and many other games you would otherwise play in a casino.


Before you create an account and start gambling, it is necessary that you find a reliable casino, where the games will be legit and your money will be safe. All the reputable online casinos offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to depositing the money for bets and withdrawing the money won in casino games. After all, it is in their interest to meet the possibilities and needs of as many users as possible, in order to attract new users and keep them on their website.

With a reputable casino, you should have no problem with the safety of your money. These casinos keep your data safe and private, both your personal details and your transactional details. However, there are still some problems that may arise when you deposit and withdraw money from an online casino, and it is important that you know how to recognize them and properly deal with them.funding-your-online-gambling-account

One of the common problems is that the casino will not cash you out. If you gamble with a fraudulent casino, this may be a huge problem and there may not be a way of getting your money. However, with a reputable online casino, this problem usually arises when they suspect that you have violated the rules, since online casinos are very strict about their rules and respecting them. A reputable casino will always provide you with the reason of withdrawal rejection, and offer you the possible solutions. If you have violated the terms regarding the information you need to provide, you will be required to complete the forms and send all the necessary data in order to confirm your identity, so that the casino can safely pay you out the cash.

It can happen that the online casino only allows a certain sum of money to be withdrawn over a certain period of time. This cash-out restriction is usually around max $2000 per week, and if you earn more than that, it will be paid out in weekly installments of $2000, but not in full. This can be resolved by writing to the Customer Service and asking them to raise the max payment amount, but it can be used in poker rooms rather than online casinos. Also, most online casinos do not apply such restrictions on progressive jackpots.

Online issues

Slow payments are also a common problem with online casinos, and most people tend to believe that they are scammed. However, keep in mind that it takes longer to deposit than to withdraw money, especially in case of the first withdrawal, when the account still needs to be confirmed. If, however, it happens that you do not receive the money within a month from the withdrawal request, you should find it suspicious and take necessary steps.

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